Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Scavenging for Kitties

Backstory: Last week I made a lemon cake with coconut frosting for the DH. I had it sealed in an inverted bowl (cake on the lid, the bowl covering the actual cake) on top of the fridge.

Yesterday morning while I was on my way out the door, I noticed the cats sitting in various places around the living room, just Looking At Me. Since they're usually running and jumping and pouncing things, I knew this was some kind of Urgent Moment. I checked the food dish, and -- sure enough -- they were Out Of Food. It's a gravity-type feeder*, so I jiggled the top to send about a quarter-cup of food down into the bowl. Then I got out of there quickly, promising to feed them as soon as I got home. (In my defense, my shift that morning was starting at 4am, which means I have to open the store for everybody, and they just might notice if I was late.)

At around 3 pm I got home and made immediately for the cat food to Make Things Right. Then I saw that I didn't need to: Merlin (Gravity's Little Helper) had gotten up on top of the fridge and knocked the cake down. How the stoneware plate survived the fall and the plastic bowl cracked to smithereens is anyone's guess, but the lid popped off and a good half of the last piece was now in feline tummies.

Merlin ran right up to the mess, sat down and Looked at me. Well, You Weren't Going To Feed Us, So I Had To Do Something, he huffed.

*Which we got Free! With Purchase of some kind of cat food back in the '80s (I'm not kidding) for Scratchy. I think we even washed it once ... but it's the only piece of cat paraphernalia that no cat has been able to destroy, which makes it in my opinion the Most Miraculous and Best Cat Thing Ever.