Monday, July 31, 2006

D&D Quotables

Dungeon Master: As you pull aside the red curtain, a figure leaps down from the balcony above. It is roughly humanoid, its naked, sexless, blue-tinged body standing over six feet tall.

Player: David Bowie, what are you doing here?

Monday, July 17, 2006


Update for those who may have lost various housing lotteries:

Saint and Elliot are down! I tried finding some news in the online alumni magazine, but got quickly bored. Anyone know what's up? I saw a trailer parked between the dorms a few months ago, with a banner on it that said something about a fire department training course ... then extensive smoke damage staining the bricks of Elliot ... then, last week, Elliot was almost completely razed. I haven't seen the progress this week yet (am home sick), but curiosity is indeed piqued.

Oh - and the former First Chicago/Bank One/Chase Bank building located directly across the street from the Public Library is also torn down -- they're putting up condos.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

There are more!

And I thought Scratchy was the only cat who made his household suffer from his rubber fixation:

Except that he never needed his stomach pumped. Although in retrospect, I can't figure out why he never had a problem. Among the countless pedestrian rubber bands he consumed, these also fell prey to his sharp, pointy teeth (and came though intact):

hair bands (fuzzy thread included)
the back off my mom's best swimming goggles
a bra strap
rubber buttons (exclusive to rugby shirts)

Good Lord! The cat was part goat!