Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Secret Lives of Cats

I've been home sick for the past two days (a cold that grew into a Sinus Infection) and I have discovered something about the kittens: from 9 to 10 am, they Destroy Things. They separate and find something in the house that shouldn't be chewed or torn and then they, well, you know. Miri likes to rip at the binding in notebooks and sketchbooks, Molly likes to shred paper, and Merlin just knocks things over and gets them stuck under furniture. (Michael, I believe this is when your water bottle finds its way under the bed. And your alarm clock. And your chapstick.)

Why 9 am, you ask? Why not 8 am? Simple: from 8 to 9, kids are lining up for the bus stop (same bus comes back and picks up different age groups for different schools) right across the street. Various groups stop by our window and watch the kittens, who watch back. Ten am to one pm they play with each other (with snack breaks), 1 to 2:45ish they nap. Then it's time to Watch Kids again. This takes a little longer than the morning, because some of the kids drop off their stuff at home and come back for an encore. The kittens will tag-team and take turns napping, so as to keep up the show a little bit longer. Somewhere in here is when I come home from work, and it's time to Sit On Mama And Make Her Take A Nap. (I don't mind -- wouldn't want to disappoint the kids, you know.)

A Quiet Month

I was just scrolling through my blog folder and saw that I hadn't posted in almost a month ... yeah, that happens sometimes.

Although I had promised Husband that I would post this one really, really daft thing I did. So I'd better get it over with.

We were coming back from a Trinity (College? University? There's two of them, and it's not the first one you're thinking of) somewhere southeast of here. It was a little late (7:30 -- I get to work at 6 am, people! 7:30 pm is Late!) and I was admittedly very tired. But I was driving 'cause Michael was sick and it was my car, so yeah. I was heading down a long, light-free, two-lane stretch of Roosevelt when the road curved a little bit to the right. So little, in fact, that I didn't notice and thought the truck in the right lane was drifting toward me. I honked and swerved out of the way -- and back into my lane.

So essentially, I almost swerved into a truck, then honked at him and swerved back.

If anyone drives a truck and this story sounds familiar, I'm sorry. I know I'm an idiot.