Thursday, January 31, 2008

According to Some

I have a puffy purple winter hat, which I call my Great-Aunt Maude Hat. I knit it with wool and purple Eyelash yarn and then felted the whole thing so that it looks like a giant purple puff sitting on my head. When I'm home, the Great-Aunt Maude Hat resides in a bin next to our front door.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I trod on said hat. In the bathroom. In the middle of the night. A whole living room and hallway away from where it normally lives. Upon questioning, here is what They have to say for themselves:

Molly: I Have No Idea What You're Talking About. Ooh! Did you bring home chips?

Merlin: You should have seen it!!! This GIANT PURPLE THING was creeping around in the middle of the night, I know, 'cause I was watching, that's what a good cat does, always watching, and I tracked it through the living room, and then when it was about to go into the bedroom and KILL US ALL, I RAN and POUNCED on it, and KILLED it, and now it's dead!!!

Miri: I'm not saying anything happened, but if something did happen, The Hat Had It Coming.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


I'm typing this without any vision correction, so you'll have to forgive the typos ... I just didn't want to forget this one ...

We have a standard tub/shower situation in our bathroom. Now that the kits have stopped pooping in the tub when left unattended (don't ask), they love it in the bathroom. Best place ever.

One of their favorite toys is the shower curtain. At night, after we've gone to bed, Molly in particular likes to go tikka-tikka-tikka with her paws on the heavy vinyl liner. Very, very loud.

Tonight after my shower, I noticed a little bit of light shining through the shower curtain where no bit of light should be:

Five feet up on the liner is a little hole, surrounded by unmistakable claw/teeth marks.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Have I mentioned Merlin's Thing?

It's water bottles. They must be Knocked Down. If I've mentioned this before, then just consider this an acknowledgment that it's still going strong. The little boy also doesn't really make with the purring and cuddling -- until nighttime, when I can't get him off me. He must curl up either next to me (under the covers, except for the head, no covers on the head) or on my pillow ('scuse me, his pillow). Usually he paces back and forth between these two locations, and will wake me up if I'm not lifting the covers up for him. All the while purring fit to bust. Love is a very busy thing.

He also loooooves going into the bathroom with us. Don't know why. It's just a Thing He Does.

Molly likes to cuddle when we're lying on the couch. She'll jump up on my chest between me and my book, stand there until I realize that it's Not Reading Time Now, then she'll curl up for a nap. She also still likes to ride on shoulders, although it's a dicey hobby now, as she is too big to just perch. So there's lots of lounging around shoulders and necks. Like right now.

Miri isn't the biggest cuddler, but once you're at the computer, it's all over. That's Her Time. She'll stand in front of the monitor until you stop typing, then jump at your chest until you cuddle her. She's also the one most likely to start purring just because you're looking at her.

Miri and Merlin both also like to play Catch the Cursor. I think a really great, hi-tech (expensive) cat toy would be something like Crimsonland (a game Michael's been playing) with a touch-sensitive screen so the cats could actually play along. I know Merlin would adore that.