Friday, November 07, 2008

Poop Off

After hearing all sorts of potty-training tales from friends (seriously, there was Jordana, Liz, some other friends of ours and a coworker who were all potty-training toddlers at the same time! I was averaging one poop story per day, minimum. It was awesome. No complaints, really -- you'll find out why), I think this confession is long overdue.

Merlin likes to poop in the bathtub. Dunno why. Couple theories:
1) I don't clean the litter boxes enough for his liking (most likely, kinda)
a) He doesn't like to use certain boxes for certain, shall we say, duties?
b) and the one he does like for that task is also popular with his sisters
2) He objects to the type of litter used.
3) He knows that humans use the toilet, but since he can't get at the toilet properly (we keep the lid down, lest he try to go swimming again) he uses the bathtub as the Next Best Thing.
4) He's Merlin. He is strange.

I'm attempting to clean the litter boxes more frequently/regularly to eliminate Option 1, and we're now trying to isolate Opion 2. Thus, the Poop Off.

I've got three litter boxes (we should have a fourth, according to the books, but we're out of space). In Box One is our regular brand, Tidy Cat Multiple Cat Formula (With Antimicrobial Something-or-Other!). In Box Two is Arm & Hammer's new Natural Formula (made with corn cobs). In Box Three is a Silica formula, which the books say is supposed to be good.

So far the silica is winning out with Novelty Points. Once Molly figured out that the litter wasn't Good To Eat (eugh), they have all taken turns hopping in the box and walking around, with the other two close by, watching avidly. I haven't checked to see if it's actually been used, but it's certainly been occupied.

The Arm & Hammer is a bust. I've used a similar formula before (World's Best Cat Litter, Extra Strength or something), but this one ... waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy too much perfume. Merlin took a sniff and actually hopped backward away from the litter. I'm going to make use of their Customer Satisfaction hotline tomorrow. Rule Number One: Cats Do Not Like Strong Smells. Except In Garbage.

The Control Box has hardly been touched (see above re: Novelty).

And Merlin's pooped in the tub again.

I'll report next week with more litters!

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Kyle Ellis said...

just put the litter in the bathtub... problem solved!